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Our commitment

We are committed to fully involving people with experience of mental health challenges to help plan and deliver support. Across our services, there are many ways to get involved, whether that is through client involvement and co-production activities or volunteering with us.

We are keen to involve and work with people from across all of Brighton and Hove’s diverse communities, including minority and under-represented groups. Only by listening to people’s range of experiences and opinions, can we deliver and develop support tailored to individual’s needs.

What does client involvement and co-production mean?

Client involvement is a term used to describe a range of ways people can contribute their views and ideas, and how these can be used to make changes to the services they are using.

Co-production is a term used to describe an equal partnership between staff working in services and those who are intended to benefit from using those services. It is a way to bring together different kinds of knowledge and skills to work together to design, develop, plan and deliver services in an equal partnership.

We’d love to involve you

We are looking at forming a Steering Group of clients to work with us exploring how we can improve the experience of mental health and wellbeing support, shaping the development of Community Roots services.

We would like you to be involved if you are; receiving support from one of the Community Roots services, have recently received support, or are a friend, family member, carer or advocate of someone that has.

Community Roots Organisations are:
Allsorts, Assert, Brighton Women’s Centre, Clare Project, Cruse Bereavement Care, Fabrica, Friends, Families & Travellers, Grassroots Suicide Prevention, Hangleton & Knoll Project, Mind, MindOut, Money Advice Plus, Rethink, Southdown, Switchboard and the Trust for Developing Communities (TDC). 

If you are not sure if the service you are accessing is a Community Roots service, please contact your service provider to ask. 

Get in touch

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