MindOut CEO Receives MBE in the New Years Honours

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We’re really proud to announce that Helen Jones, CEO of MindOut, our mental health service for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer people, has been awarded an MBE in the New Years Honours.

The MBE recognises Helen’s contribution to LGBTQ mental health for over two decades since she began MindOut, and she moves on from her role as CEO this month with this incredible achievement.

She says, 

“When I heard that I was offered an MBE I considered whether or not to accept it. I have enormous respect for people who have turned down honours, not least Benjamin Zephania. I also have huge respect for people who have accepted: Lemn Sissay, Paul Roberts and Paul Martin among them, see www.excellencenotempire.co.uk.

I have decided to accept. This is public recognition of my activism and contribution to social justice and social change. This is public recognition that LGBTQ mental health matters – it’s one of the most urgent, rising issues of our day.

There is still so much to be done: our rights are under attack; we are attacked on the street and in our homes; trans, non-binary and QTIPoC are more at risk than ever; suicidal distress is on the increase.

It’s a personal and political decision to accept the MBE. For me the award is symbolic. Its symbolic of how much I have done, how hard I have worked, how much I have achieved and how proud I am. Its symbolic, too, of a commitment by the state, by this government, to recognise how important LGBTQ mental health is – and that’s a massive achievement!”

Congratulations Helen and thank you for your service!