New online mental health hub: Blue Light Together

Photo of paramedic looking at camera and blurred back of another paramedic in the foreground

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on all emergency services, particularly when it comes to mental health, so finding the right support at the right time has never been more important.

Blue Light Together is a new website for UK emergency services staff, volunteers, retirees and friends and family to find information, ideas and support to help look after their mental health.

The website brings key information and support around mental health into one place and it’s all in confidence.

Blue Light Together is full of specialised information and advice to help emergency responders with their mental health, real life stories and tips from colleagues working in the field, as well as guides for employers so that they can support their teams with their wellbeing.

If you work or volunteer in the emergency services, you might be experiencing more stress than usual right now; this new website is tailored specifically for you - click here to take a look.

The Blue Light Together website is brought to you by Mind, working in partnership with The Royal FoundationThe Ambulance Staff Charity The Firefighters Charity and Police Care UK.