Wellbeing Centres

two women and a man sitting around a round table in an indoor space with sketches, cards and books on the table

About the service and what to expect Southdown‘s seven Wellbeing Centres, located across East Sussex, provide a range of community-based mental health and wellbeing support to enable you to get well, stay well and prevent crisis. The Centres are part of a network of mental health recovery support, called the East Sussex Community Network. Their

Thinking Well

A heart-shaped white plaque features wooden Scrabble tiles forming the words "THINKING," "WELL," "KIND," and "LIVE." The word "THINKING" is horizontally placed at the top, intersecting with "KIND" vertically. "WELL" is arranged horizontally at the bottom, while "LIVE" is positioned vertically, intersecting with "WELL." In the center of the plaque is a cut-out heart shape, and surrounding the words are small, wooden butterfly decorations. The plaque is set against a light wooden surface.

About the service and what to expect Thinking Well offers dedicated social, educational, and clinical sessions across three areas in East Sussex for people with a diagnosis of Personality Disorder or who have significant difficulties with managing emotional intensity. Run by Southdown, the service operates from their local Wellbeing Centres in East Sussex in locations

Health & Wellbeing Service

Two women are walking outdoors on a sunny day, engaging in a cheerful conversation. They are surrounded by greenery and flowers, with historic buildings in the background. One woman has long, wavy hair and is wearing a dark sweater, while the other has shorter hair and is wearing a blue top with a jacket. Both women appear happy and relaxed.

About the service The Health and Wellbeing Service (also known as ‘Screen and Intervene’) is a specialist social prescribing service in East Sussex run by Southdown, working in partnership with GP practices and the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. The service supports people who have a diagnosis of bipolar, schizophrenia, or experience psychosis, following their free

Emotional Wellbeing Service

Two men are seated across from each other at a table in a brightly lit room with large windows. The man facing the camera is young, with short hair, wearing a dark t-shirt, and he has an attentive expression as he listens to the other man. The man with his back to the camera is wearing a light-colored shirt. The setting suggests a serious and focused conversation, in a relaxed and open environment.

About the service and what to expect Do you have a diagnosed mental illness or are you having difficulties with your mental health and wellbeing and would like coping strategies and resources to help you feel better? The Emotional Wellbeing Service is now available in many GP surgeries across East Sussex, to offer you information,

Community Connectors

A man and a woman are seated at a small, round table in a bright, minimalist room. The man is wearing a dark blue polka-dotted shirt and has a relaxed posture, smiling as he converses with the woman. The woman, dressed in a light blue blouse with dark spots, is sitting across from him, also smiling. She has a laptop in front of her and is holding a pen, seemingly taking notes during their conversation. The setting appears to be casual and friendly, suggesting an informal meeting or consultation.

About the service and what to expect Community Connectors is a Social Prescribing service run by Southdown, working in partnership with GP Practices across East Sussex locations like Hastings & Rother, and Eastbourne, Seaford & Hailsham, supporting you to improve your health and wellbeing. They help you to develop personalised and practical solutions to everyday

Seaview Project

About the service and what to expect Seaview’s range of support services helps marginalised people with addiction problems, mental health issues, ex-and at-risk offenders and rough sleepers achieve improved health outcomes, access to care, personal growth and fulfilment. Wellbeing Centre The Seaview Project’s Wellbeing Centre in St Leonards-on-Sea offers a welcoming environment where individuals can