Connection and Courage – Navigating Wellbeing Support with UOK

At UOK Brighton and Hove, we understand that initiating conversations about our thoughts and feelings is no easy task, and those first steps may appear daunting. However, we’ve come to realise that a gentle nudge or a moment of courage can serve as a pivotal turning point in any wellbeing journey.

Creating positive connections becomes key in this journey, offering a space where thoughts, feelings, and challenges can be shared openly without judgment. This supportive environment not only helps manage everyday challenges, but also provides strength when faced with life’s more difficult situations.

When it comes to reaching out, various avenues present themselves. Whether it’s joining a peer support group to connect with individuals facing similar situations, engaging in heartfelt conversations over coffee with a friend, or exploring local services, the possibilities are endless.

UOK Brighton and Hove boasts a remarkable network of 17 local services, each offering unique opportunities for connection. Whether seeking support with debt management, bereavement, or participating in LGBT+ peer groups, our diverse range of services ensures tailored support for every individual.

Navigating the realm of wellbeing services can be overwhelming, which is why I take immense pride in managing the UOK Central Access Point. Serving as the initial point of contact for referrals into the UOK network, our dedicated team recognises the diverse needs of the Brighton and Hove community. We also act as a valuable signposting service, directing individuals to wider services within the city.

Reaching out can feel like a challenge, especially when it involves accessing well-being services. The UOK Central Access Point is here to simplify that process. As a small, dedicated team, our primary focus is to find support options for individuals in the most straightforward way possible.

The journey begins with small and manageable steps, especially for those who may not feel ready to reach out just yet. If you don’t feel ready, exploring hobbies that bring joy and relaxation is a wonderful way to unwind at home. Whether it’s picking up a paintbrush, tending to a garden, or immersing yourself in your favourite music, these activities can be therapeutic and uplifting. Additionally, consider the positive impact of a digital detox, carving out breaks from screens to embrace moments of simplicity and genuine connection.

By making small changes individuals often surprise themselves with what they can achieve. Remember that by reaching out, you are taking that first crucial step—a step that may feel challenging at times. Regardless of your background or current circumstances, connection, support, and guidance await. You are not alone, and opportunities for connection are always available when you are ready.

Lauren Mulholland- UOK Mental Health Development Manager. 13.02.24