UOK Partners representatives stand in a group against a backdrop of UOK poster.

UOK Brighton & Hove Partnership Quarterly Meeting

On June 19, 2024, the UOK Brighton & Hove partnership convened for our quarterly meeting outlining updates and ongoing initiatives to enhance mental health services in the region. The agenda included a discussion by Emily Ashmore on industry-wide best practices to gather and embed client voice and feedback, as well as an update on the Integrated Migrant Pathways (IMP) Project presented by Kaye Duerdoth.

Integrated Migrant Pathways (IMP): A Collaborative Approach

Kaye Duerdoth from the Trust for Developing Communities introduced the IMP project, which aims to enhance support for migrants within the community. The project’s objectives include promoting support pathways, improving understanding of migrant experiences, and amplifying the voices of migrants. Key partners in this initiative include NHS Sussex, the Trust for Developing Communities, Brighton Exiles/Refugee Trauma Service (BERTS), and the Healing Expressive and Recovery Arts (HERA) Project/ Robin Hood Health Foundation.

The IMP project is structured in three phases.

  • The first phase focuses on establishing an advisory group of experts by experience, peer support, and mapping existing migrant support.
  • Phase two involves confirming support pathways, analysing barriers and data gaps, and promoting access to support.
  • The final phase will see the promotion of a dedicated website and the sharing of findings and recommendations.

Case Study: Impact on Migrant Lives

An insightful case study was shared to illustrate the tangible impact of the IMP project. It detailed the journey of an individual who arrived in the UK seeking refuge and was supported through TDC’s social prescribing services. This support included access to food banks, GP registration, digital access, trauma support, and eventual housing. The case study underscored the transformative effect of comprehensive, culturally sensitive support on individuals facing significant challenges.

Looking Ahead

The meeting concluded with several important updates. The incorporation of UOK East Sussex into the new website is set for July, and Rosie’s Project, aimed at increasing engagement with men, was celebrated for its success. Partners were also informed about upcoming events, including a UOK mental health talk.

The UOK Brighton & Hove partnership remains committed to improving mental health services through innovative projects, collaborative efforts, and a steadfast focus on patient-centered care.