Mental Health Support Coordinator Service

About the service and what to expect

The Mental Health Support Coordinator Service is provided by Southdown as part of UOK Brighton & Hove. The service works with other local mental health services in Brighton & Hove and is integrated into mental health services provided by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SPFT).

Mental Health Support Coordinators (MHSCs) work with people with complex mental health challenges to help them achieve healthy social networks and the right support in the community.

A Mental Health Support Coordinator (MHSC) will work closely with you, providing short term one-to-one support. They will also work alongside clinical partners and other community services where this will help your support goals. They will maintain regular contact with you to help you connect to your community and build social support.

The MHSC will discuss your goals, interests and areas you would like to change with you, or things you would like to work towards. They will support you to develop these goals and to access community services and resources that will enable you to meet these in the short to long term.

They will discuss how you currently look after yourself, your coping strategies and your mental wellbeing, in order to understand what support the service can provide.

What support is available?

A MHSC will work with you to develop an individual support plan, helping you to decide what your priorities are and what community support may be beneficial for you and your mental wellbeing. The support is goal focused, proactive, and directed by you. Feeling motivated and able and ready to work towards these goals is important; MHSCs can help you overcome barriers, such as making initial contact, helping you to attend appointments and accessing groups and activities.

Support begins with an in person initial discussion, and then is directed by you and what will benefit your specific goals. MHSCs can also help connect you to websites and apps to support your wellbeing and promote good mental health.

Am I eligible?

The service is free and available to adults aged 18 and over, living in Brighton & Hove that are facing complex mental health challenges such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, anxiety, and depression.

If you do not have a formal diagnosis or are unsure about your eligibility for this service, please contact our Central Access Point detailed below.

Further Information

For more information and to discuss accessing support from a Mental Health Support Coordinator, please call 0808 196 1768 to speak to a friendly member of our Central Access Point team (lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm). Alternatively, if you prefer, you can arrange a call-back.