“I would urge anyone to have the vaccination” – A Client’s experience

“My name is Zorenah and I’m a client and volunteer with Southdown.

I had some apprehension about the Covid-19 vaccination as I had a friend who had people that were trying to put them off having it because of their beliefs and saying that there were things wrong with it or it was released too quickly.

I felt that the only way to get proper answers was to speak to my own GP. I presented the fears, things that I’d heard, and some of the rumours and she said that there’s nothing to worry about, it’s perfectly fine, you’re not going to have any issues with it, and it’s all been done properly and checked over and over again. She said, “You should go ahead with it” and I agreed.

When I got the letter I decided to ring the number and it was all very straightforward. They gave me some reference numbers and they said that I would be vaccinated at The Brighton Centre. I thought, “Oh that’s good, it’s somewhere that I can easily get to without any worries and I won’t feel anxious if I haven’t had to travel too far to get to it.”

On the day I felt excitement because this is part of what I feel is our way out into possible normality again. Because I was so reassured I wasn’t worried about it but I wanted to make sure that I got there in good time.

There were a lot of people that day, it was quite a big queue but it was very well organised. There were three chaps in high-vis vests and they’d ask you nicely, politely, to line up ready. If you had any questions they would answer them.

Inside the building, each person got to speak to an NHS member of staff who would ask for your date of birth and that sort of thing. They would also ask, “Do you have any worries at all about having the vaccination today?” I thought it was good that they gave the opportunity for anybody that still felt anxious and still wasn’t sure about it to be able to speak to somebody.

After that we had to go upstairs to the top floor where the vaccination took place. There was still quite a bit of queuing. There were chairs around that you could sit on or if you had mobility problems the staff there could probably organise something for you.

Everybody was very friendly, everybody was nice and smiling, making you feel relaxed. Eventually it got to my turn and a nice member of staff said, “Can you go and sit down outside a cubicle?” So I got my coat off ready to have the vaccination, and then when I was called into the cubicle a nurse asked for my basic details again.

It was very pleasant, very nice, and they made you feel at ease. And the actual injection itself was so quick. I didn’t even realise it had happened it was that quick!

I felt really really good after that. Any anxieties, any fears I had, were taken away because of the way that it was efficiently run – everything was like clockwork. It was a good experience and afterwards I felt quite elated because I’d had it done.

At the end of the day it’s not a good idea to listen to rumour or fake news. Always go to a professional, always go to somebody like your GP, somebody from the NHS, or even the staff at the vaccination centre. Or if you know somebody that’s had it, speak to them and ask them what their experience was and how they felt about it.

I would urge anyone to have the vaccination because if most of the country don’t, it’s going to be a long time before we can all feel comfortable again and go about our lives like we used to do – visiting people, visiting relatives, and friends. It’s one of the ways to some sort of normality again.”

For the latest up to date information on the Coronavirus vaccine, including who can get the vaccine and how to book, visit the Government’s website here. Also take a look at the Sussex Health and Care Partnership’s website for information on the Sussex Covid-19 vaccine programme.