“The course has changed the way I approach life in every way!”

A carer shares her experiences of attending the The Creativity and Self-Care for Carers course at The Brighton and Hove Recovery College…

The Creativity and Self-Care for Carers course at the Recovery College has changed the way I approach life in every way! Allowing people to help, talking to people, and doing something for myself, helps my patience and therefore helps my cared for person.

I’ve learnt that it’s okay to say I’m not okay. That it’s okay to talk about the bad days and not pretend everything is okay all the time. That despite the cared for person’s need, the carers have a shared need for a safe space to chat, giggle, cry, and get away for a while.

I’ve enjoyed the variety of crafts on this course and learning that I can do things I would never give myself time to do. I’ve increased in confidence and enjoyed the support from course leaders and peers.

I’m not alone.

It’s reminded me that creativity helps and to take the time for my interests. The time focusing on creative tasks is different to the time spent on other tasks.

For me, self-care means not sacrificing everything and taking time for myself without feeling guilty. The course has given me permission to have some self-care moments and build it into my life. This is my medication.

Delivered as a partnership with the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, the Brighton and Hove Recovery College uses education in a supportive learning environment to help people with mental health challenges become experts in their own self-care and recovery. The College provides a wide range of courses which are co-produced and co-delivered by people with lived experience of mental health challenges and are delivered in community and educational venues across Brighton and Hove.