Money Advice Plus

About the service and what to expect

Money Advice Plus provide free, confidential and accessible advice and support for people who want help dealing with their benefits and debts. The team are qualified money advisers and hold the Advice Quality Standard for the work they do. Advisors can work with clients for a few weeks, or many months depending on the circumstances.

Face-to-face advice

Money Advice Plus specialise in working with clients who find it difficult to access mainstream advice services, and seek to deliver our services in a way that is accessible to anyone needing them. They can see people by appointment at their offices, give advice over the phone or by email, visit people in Mill View Hospital or at The Lighthouse, and offer home visits if needed.

They understand that seeking advice can feel difficult and scary, so they are flexible and will re-schedule appointments if people just can face it on the day. They have expertise and many years of experience in working with people with mental illness who need help with their benefits or debts.

Debt advice

Many of the people Money Advice Plus help are in financial distress with debts that are completely unmanageable and making their mental health worse. Advisers will deal with a person’s immediate problems as well as offering longer-term support to help find the right solution to their debt problem.

“We remind our clients that there is a solution to all debt problems.”

Money Advice Plus

Welfare Benefits advice

Many people have entitlement to benefits that they are unaware of. Money Advice Plus Advisors will check that people are receiving the correct benefits, advise and assist with any new claims and help with appeal tribunals as needed.

Further Information

For more information and to discuss accessing support from Money Advice Plus please call 0808 196 1768 to speak to a member of our Central Access Point team. Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can arrange a call back.