Thinking Well

About the service and what to expect

Thinking Well offers dedicated social, educational, and clinical sessions across three areas in East Sussex for people with a diagnosis of Personality Disorder or who have significant difficulties with managing emotional intensity. Run by Southdown, the service operates from their local Wellbeing Centres in East Sussex in locations Lewes, Eastbourne, and Bexhill. They are now offering mostly face-to-face groups.

The service is part of the Personality Disorder Pathway in East Sussex, which includes care coordination provided by the Assessment and Treatment Services, as well as telephone, respite and crisis support provided by the Sanctuary.

The service has been co-produced with service users and aims to keep this co-production ethos at the heart of the service going forward.

What support is available?

  • Dedicated community support delivered by a team of recovery workers and peer workers.
  • Clinical in-reach provided by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. This is a specialist team including clinical psychologist, occupational therapist, and senior nurse.
  • Joint working between the two teams to provide a holistic service to members.

The Thinking Well service is group based, offering pre-trauma stabilisation work and therapy. Group sessions will include social, creative, therapeutic, and psychoeducational groups as well as community activities. The service offers a range of evidence-based interventions in a group format.

Please see the Thinking Well April – June 2024 prospectus for further information on the service.

Am I eligible?

The service is for people (aged 18+) with a diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder living in East Sussex & is open to their local Assessment Treatment Service.

How do I apply?

Due to strictly limited spaces at the service, referrals are made through the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust only. Referrers from the Trust will be contacted when referrals to the service can be made.


Thinking Well Prospectus (Apr-Jun) 2024

Further Information

For more information and to discuss accessing support from Thinking Well – East Sussex, please call 0808 196 1768 to speak to a member of our Central Access Point team. Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can arrange a callback.